Festive Productions was established in South Wales in 1983 by the Hedlund Group. The Hedlund Group, run by the Hedlund family, was founded in 1927 by Alrik Hedlund. Starting off selling paper products, bags and packaging the company made 190,000 Swedish Krona in its first year. The business experienced immediate and rapid growth over the following few years and by 1935, the turnover was over 1 million Swedish Krona.

A long way on from its humble beginnings, The Hedlund Group is now a worldwide undertaking with a 100% ownership of Festive Productions as of 2011.

For 2019, Festive has brought together the best of the 2018 collection together with over 4000 new and exciting items.


Festive are proud to present their 2019 collection which has been created using extensive research from a variety of sources to bring you a collection which is not only traditional but with a design twist.


In addition to our extensive decorations, lights and trees collection, we have a wide range of display props, from trains to sleighs and cable cars, all of which can be used for the best customer experience.