How to wrap gifts

52Christmas is a magical and festive time during which presents are joyfully exchanged between loved ones. But, presents mean wrapping, which can engender less happiness and more stress. And yet, wrapping gifts is easier than usually expected.

Before wrapping gifts:

Make sure you have all the necessary material close to hand. Next to you, should lay: your present, wrapping paper, a pair of scissors, Sellotape, and a ruler.

Before cutting the paper, you have to ensure you will have enough to cover the whole item. The key here is to measure cautiously. As the saying goes; measure twice, cut once. Make the task even easier by purchasing wrapping paper with a grid printed inside so your measurements are made more smoothly.

Wrapping a gift box:

When buying a present, try to get it in a square or rectangular box to facilitate wrapping. As explained in the following video, you have to ensure that every face of your box is covered with paper.

Wrapping clothing:

Cover your piece of clothing with wrapping paper, after and only after carefully folding it so it takes less space and looks nicer. Then, as the video below illustrates, you have to protect your clothing. The wrapping is then extremely easy.

Wrapping an odd-shaped object:

Odd-shaped objects are quite tricky to wrap. To do so, 2 techniques exist. The most common consists in creating a gift bag in which your present is carefully slipped.

The other approach is to make an egg by joining the edges up in the middle with a solid bow.


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