Festive Elves

Making their first appearance in a book published in 1856, Christmas elves are tiny magical creatures known for helping Santa. Not only do they make toys, they also look after the majestic reindeers and discreetly spy on children to determine the nice and naughty lists. These lovely dwarf-like characters, with long and pointy ears, are perfect to reinforce the gleeful spirit of Christmas.

Due to their central place in the Christmas mythology, elves have gained a prominent place in Festive wholesale range throughout the years. Our delightful hanging ornaments, tabletop and room decorations, shaped into lovely elves, are designed to provoke laugh and merrily enliven any home.


1. 15cm hanging elf gonk (P013613)

2. 22cm 2 asstd elf table decorations (P008673)

3. 9.5cm clay dough elf head hanging ornament (P007567)

4. 11.4cm claydough elf with present (P007886)

5. 25cm 2 asstd wooden wreaths with felt elves (P007713)

6. 20cm elf hanging ornament (P007700)

7. 30cm standing elf decoration (P014939)

8. 19cm 2 asstd hanging elf decorations (P012921)

9. 30cm elf door stopper (P007369)

10. 9cm cool elf decoration (P015154)

11. 11cm 2 asstd claydough elf decorations (P013741)

12. 60cm 2 asstd standing elves (P012920)

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